Consumable Content in Crisis

Consumable Content in Crisis

There's no doubt we're living in unprecedented times. By this, we mean a time with an unprecedented time to consume content, cause well, what else can you do? Besides practice that swing in the mirror of course.

Don't get us wrong. We absolutely embrace quiet time, home gym workouts, solitude, getting out to enjoy the walk (on or off the course), and practicing mindfulness. However, let's be real. People are Netflixing at an unprecedented rate. And I can't say that we blame them. So, instead of sitting in front of the menu, sifting through titles mindlessly for hours (who invented this user interface anyway?) all the while not knowing if something is worth watching... We've done some of the dirty work for you. You're welcome (sorry Bubba).

Here's some off the beaten path ideas for Netflix, HBO, Books, Hulu, Podcasts and other consumables for just a time as this:

The Killing (Netflix)

Set in the backdrop of our home State, the killing is the perfect rainy, dark, twisted, murder mystery thats so addictive you won't even think about getting up for that much needed snack or beverage while the next episode red circle loads. The four epic seasons will leave you yearning for a fifth... kind of like Bandon Dunes Resort and the much anticipated Sheep Ranch.

The Peaky Blinders (Netflix)

Basically a Masterclass (whatever that is they're hitting the marketing button hard right now with everyone staying home) on how to start a grey area dynasty/empire with your closest crew of riff raff brothers, cousins and childhood cronies. Buckle up for a little violence, cheeky humor, and serious bad-ass-ness.

How I Built This (a Podcastwith Guy Raz)

A little deep dive with thoughtful insights on how some of the most successful companies were built. You walk away with a certain taste in your mouth, good or bad, about whoever is telling you their story. And you realize why PR agencies exist.

Leaders Eat Last (non-fiction book by Simon Sinkek)

A telling tale of how harrowing decisions made by leadership can help any company survive challenging times. Eerily fitting for a company or leader living through a pandemic. Definitely going to be a re-read during this break for the leadership crew at TRUE.

Crime Junkies (Podcast)

Ever just get hooked on a crime story? The type of mystery that only your powerful mind holds the key to unlock one of the greatest unsolved crimes of all time? Well, good news. This short and well narrated podcast gives you the chance to arm chair quarterback your way into the all time detectives hall of fame.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)

Larry David can do no wrong. Or if you're familiar with the show, maybe he can do no right. Luckily his comedic genius is better than his golf swing (which is highlighted in every other episode), sorry Larry, we love you. This quirky, at times off kilter comedy series serves us all with a heavy dose of much needed self deprecated humor to get us through these serious times.

Tiger King (Netflix)

Highlighting the legal/illegal big cat trade, the Tiger King focuses on the former zoo owner turned reality star turned gubernatorial candidate Joe Exotic and his “turf war” with neighboring animal facilities, animal rights activists (and really anyone/everyone). If you’ve ever wanted to watch a mini-series that, quite frankly, makes absolutely no sense, but is a rollercoaster from start to finish – this one’s for you.

The Witcher (Netflix)

Disappointed by the ending of Game of Thrones? Us too. The Witcher is the perfect side-step back into the fantasy world of wizards, magic, and plenty of sword fighting. The only downfall? There’s only one season – and the production of season 2 is running a little behind now thanks to the global pandemic.

It’s Always Sunny (Hulu)

We’ve all watched some Sunny – but it deserves a shout out due to Rob McElhenney (Mac) and Kaitlyn Olson (Dee) raising over $100k for Hunger Relief in two days. It’s easy to support incredible actors when they’re also incredible people. We see you, @robmcelhenney and @kaitlinolson. Keep up the good work.

Leadershift (non-fiction by John Maxwell)

With a world so set in its ways, Johnny Max finds yet another way to bring a fresh perspective to business leaders. There's no doubt things are-a-changin', and here he reminds us that adopting new leadership principles with time tested underlying principles during unprecedented times just might be what's needed.

So I Think You Should Leave (Netflix)

Ever watch a show go way too far to the point of it being painful? Well, if you take us up on this suggestion, you'll know exactly what you mean. Hilarious, meme-like skits that you'll never forget. Tear jerking at times, painfully awkward at others, your'e going to learn 'who to call when your plumbers run rampant in your house', 'how to participate in a automobile focus group,' and even 'how to get to of it when your Weiner-mobile runs into a storefront.' Life lessons and laughs we all need at this time.

The 1986 Masters

Not sure where or if you can steam this. But if you find a way, please do your due diligence to share this good news with the world. And if your'e reading this (those who control holy Masters content), please share this goodness for the rest of the world at this tragic time.

Well, we hope we nailed a couple new streams for you. And just incase this lockdown is extended a few more weeks, we hope you get to take a few more swings in the mirror and also check out some of our other all time favorites: Westworld, Dexter, 30 for 30, Arrested Development (pre-netflix), Breaking Bad, Re-runs of the 2001 US Open, Flight of the Conchords, Black Mirror and the likes.