Yes, we have an internal R&D and testing team. But we also like to get unbiased opinions from all ranges of lifestyles. That's why we shipped the knit out to professional athletes, trainers, style bloggers and more to see how they performed out in the wild before we ship them off to YOU.

“The trainers perfect shoe...

Ive been wearing the True Knits for about 2 months and they immediately turned into my favorite everyday shoe. My favorite part about them is the versatility. Ive literally gone from the weight room right out onto the golf course in the afternoon and the shoes design allows me to adapt to any room or situation! Its really hard to find a shoe that compliments the everyday activewear person. Most Knit type shoes never have enough grip on the bottom of the shoe to allow me to move freely and demonstrate exercises, workout, golf, etc. Ive put these bad boys to the test from heavy deadlifts, to plyometric jumps on indoor turf, all the way to the golf course and they keep up with the task at hand. They are the athletes dream shoe. This shoe is a game changer for the everyday athlete."

- Brian Chandler, Professional Athlete Trainer, Elevate Sports Performance & Chiropractic LLC

“It didn’t take me long to realize how awesome this shoe is. Outside of the golf course, they’ve become my everyday shoe, I rarely take them off. Style, comfort, function its a total package. Golf shoe? Oh yeah, it does that too! Arguably the most comfortable shoe TRUE has ever made. It took one day for the Knits to turn into my everyday shoe. And, they’re equally great on the course too. You can stop looking. The best summer golf shoe is here. There’s no question in my mind that...

TRUE has changed the landscape of the golf shoe with the TRUE KNITS. They’re that good.

- Matthew Waynright | Professional Equipment Tester | The Breakfast Ball

“These shoes are easily the cutest I've found to wear on and off the course. The spikeless design still gives me the stability I need and I love the clean, stylish look!”

- Hannah Gregg | Golf Style Blogger

“Stylish and extremely comfortable. A perfect option for the hot summer days thanks to their breathable construction. First golf shoe I can wear in the gym and keep on to the golf course!

- Fredrik Linbolm | Professional Golfer