Opting Outsider - A New Chapter for TRUE

Opting Outsider - A New Chapter for TRUE

It's been real, Outsider. But all good things inevitably come to an end.

We debuted Outsider in August of 2017, built specifically as our first shoe tailored to the needs of a PGA TOUR player. A shoe that could perform at the highest level, yet transition seamlessly to everyday wear. It featured ultra premium full grain waterproof leather, more cushion than anything we'd ever offered in our past, and unparalleled waterproofing which wrapped your feet in 360 degrees of weather protection.

Ryan Moore's shoe of choice wasn't just popular amongst his fellow top tier athletes, the Outsider also struck a chord with many of us. In fact, over the course of the Outsider's existence it averaged a staggering 4.75/5 stars with over 92 verified customer reviews. For those who aren't familiar with average shoe ratings - that's a legacy we're extremely proud of!

However, the time has come to move on. In doing so, it's allowed us to push the limits of what a TOUR ISSUE shoe looks and feels like even further - and we're pretty proud of the next generation of TRUE tour performance. Though some may wonder why we would mess with something doing so well, we knew we could do even better. Our competitive nature wasn't going to allow us to sit complacently by - it was time to take things to the next level, and that's just what we did with Major. As they say, innovate or die.

But for those who aren't ready to move on, we don't blame you, and we're letting you in on a little secret - what's left of the Outsider is the last of its kind. So please do take advantage of the rare sale pricing, and secure your wardrobe of Outsider for years to come. There's only a few pairs left, so please don't hesitate!

Below you'll find some of our favorite reviews and images. Feel free to scroll on, and share your favorite outsider moments with us on social with #OptOutsider.

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Jason Moore