Quick Nine | Ep. 2 @carrforthecourse

Quick Nine | Ep. 2 @carrforthecourse

Cheers to the thinkers and dreamers. We’re back with our short mini-series highlighting those that inspire and create our brand - TRUE. From employees, to advisers, to customers, to TOUR professionals; here’s your chance to learn more about the culture that is TRUE.

Nate Carr, a longtime TRUE customer, joins us for Episode 2 to discuss everything golf and TRUE. Do you have questions or someone you'd like to feature on the next episode of Quick Nine? Leave them below in our comments and we'll do our best to get you some answers.

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My name is Nathan Carr. I’m a high school English teacher from Anchorage, Alaska. I’m madly in love with my wife and our four kids are the absolute best. I didn’t grow up playing golf, it was my grandpa’s game but when I went away to college my dorm shared a parking lot with the course on campus (shout out to The Burke at Notre Dame!) and a love for the game was fostered. Golf has served as a perfect way to spend time with those that matter most and for that I am extremely grateful.

Q1. What was your first pair of TRUE’s?

A1. I bought my first pair in the spring of 2014: True Protos. I always prefer to walk and these bad boys fit the bill perfectly.

Q2. What is your favorite course to play and why?

A2. That’s a tough question! Chambers Bay will always have a special place in my heart. My sons qualified for the Drive, Chip, and Putt regional competition in Seattle and we made a trip out of it and closed out Chambers with the last tee time of the day. I will never forget that round of golf.

Q3. Dream foursome - who would you pick? Why?

A3. I’m going to qualify this question to exclude family because it goes without saying that they are my favorite fairwayfoursome. That said, my dream foursome is:

Mike Keiser because he has done so much for recreational golf and his impact on the game is immeasurable.

Billy Collins because his is my favorite poet and he just so happens to love golf.

President Obama because he is the coolest.

Q4. What is your favorite TRUE model?

A4. TRUE Knits. I wear them everywhere, from the course to the concourse and everywhere in between. They’re the most comfortable shoes I own.

Q5. What are you most looking forward to (professional or personal) in 2019?

A5. I’m very much looking forward to my trip to Pinehurst in July. I will definitely be enjoying the walks!

Q6. What’s one fad or trend in the golf universe you wish would make a comeback?

A6. I would love to see courses move toward being less manicured again. Imperfections should be part of the game. I love a scruffy golf course.

Q7. If you could design one product for TRUE (shoes, clothes, accessories, etc.) what would you pick?

A7. A light shell for crisp morning walks.

Q8. What would you say to the team at TRUE?

A8. I would thank them for being based in the PNW!

Q9. What golf moment or accomplishment are you most proud of?

A9. I didn’t lose a ball during the 2018 Alaska State Am. Boom!

Bonus Q's:

Q: What’s your typical look when playing a round? Hat, polo, pants, shoes, etc.

PNW golf is all about layers. I always wear a hat, sport a comfortable polo with a pullover and pants with some stretch. TRUES are always on the toes.

Q: What do you crave after 18 holes?

A beer, specifically Spotted Cow, and a short course.