Retirement Fit for a Major

Retirement Fit for a Major

"Celebrate what you accomplish, but raise the bar each time you succeed" - Mia Hamm

After 2+ years, almost 100 5-star reviews, and presumably thousands of rounds on the course, the TRUE Major bids adieu to the TRUE lineup. You might be wondering "if players loved the Major, why retire it?" A valid question, and we appreciate you asking.

The above quote from Mia Hamm sums up our motives in one fell swoop. As a company, it's in our DNA to continue to innovate; we're never content with the status quo and always strive to 'create a better mousetrap'. The Major, although a fantastic shoe all across the board, was something we felt could be improved upon. With the launch of the LUX Pro, another TOUR level leather and waterproof shoe, the Major has found its successor. We'd be doing a disservice to our loyal customers by continuing to offer products we no longer felt had a true home in our lineup.

So instead of sadly setting the Major on the shelf, we're choosing to celebrate its successes and accomplishments both on TOUR and on the muni's.

The TRUE Major will be available for 72 hours before riding off into the sunset.

Godspeed, Major.