Why Does TRUE Do Things Differently?

Why Does TRUE Do Things Differently?

This last week, our PGA Tour department and R&D had the opportunity to escape into the high mountain desert to product test new styles, ideate shoes, and most importantly - play golf. There's something clarifying about the high mountain air, something inspiring about being out in nature that brings everything back into focus.

It became clear during this testing excursion that we've hit some shots flush this year - and based on testing, next year we will continue that trajectory. According to our customer reviews, and TOUR players, our product line is decidedly different than anything else on the market. And different for good reasons. We're flattered that our design approach, and product line is continuing to bring satisfaction to all of you.

But you may be wondering, "Why does TRUE only offer 3 models? Other brands offer dozens to choose from...". Put simply, we believe in the process, and only the perfected products make it through our product funnel. Here are some of the ideals that guide us:

It's our great joy to let you know that we're continuing diligently in the pursuit of creating the perfect walking shoes. Comfort, quality, meaningful innovation and ideal aesthetics are built thoroughly into the bedrock of every product in our pipeline. We're excited to share more about what we're testing, and what lies in the future of our brand - but please stay patient as we like to take our time in the 'process' above. Every element of the shoe: materials, textures, colors, innovation is put through a heavy TRUE filter. Only a few things make it out of the bottom of that product funnel - but when it does, rest assured it comes with the TRUE stamp/guarantee that it's something worth putting our name on.

We thank you for your patience as we continue to narrow in on our next releases. But rest assured that what's currently available is the best possible version of it on the market.