Meet our ambassadors

We don’t throw big paychecks at mindless athletes to simply wear our product or logo - we have teamed up with genuine humans, that just so happen to also be world class professional athletes that not only love our product but also embody our brand and care about the future of our sport.


  • Friend to All

    Come as you are - leave your costumes and pretentiousness at the door. All TRUE ambassadors welcome all to the sport we love.

  • Do Unto Others

    This isn’t complicated - golf teaches us common courtesies like raking bunkers, playing fast, not stepping in each others lines and TRUE ambassadors rep this.

  • Live TRUE

    Golf needs your personality. No more cookie-cutter athletes all wearing and saying the same things. Be yourself and the world will be better for it.

  • Enjoy The Game

    Golf is a sport about acceptance, camaraderie, and challenging yourself both on and off the course. Our Ambassadors are encouraging, supportive, and folks you'd like to spend time around.

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