Golf shoes, reimagined

The perfect golf lifestyle shoe doesn't exist - yet. To this end, the team at TRUE is dedicated to reimagining what a golf shoe can be. We're on a mission to free golfers from the burden of heavy, clunky cleats by providing innovative, light weight, and comfortable shoes for the course & beyond. The kind of shoes we (selfishly) always wanted.

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The OG1: A Revolution Inspired by Nature

Our shoes were designed to work intrinsically with your body - built responsibly and sustainably. This means a natural fit, a wildly comfortable feel with no false technology claims. We keep things so simple that you might just forget you’re wearing shoes altogether.

Feel the Course & Enjoy The Walk

Connect with the course in a whole new way, no matter which style you choose, all TRUEs remove all inhibition between you and the links - while providing protection from the elements, grip and natural flexibility to enhance the body's ability to move through the course in comfort.


  • Comfort

    Comfort is multi-faceted, so is your life. We create incredibly comfortable shoes, so you can stay focused on what matters. Designed with the walk in mind so you can enjoy even your most grueling round in comfort.

  • Versatility

    We don’t believe your golf shoes should sit in your closet collecting dust waiting for your next tee time - so we build shoes that fit your lifestyle so you can wear them everyday, well beyond the occasional (or ideally frequent) trip to the links.

  • Craftsmanship

    You put your feet through a lot on the links - we make shoes that are up to the challenge. Grip, waterproofing and high quality materials that your feet deserve.

  • (Selfish) Innovation

    We don’t create a product unless it’s something we believe needs to exist, or that we selfishly want or need. To this end, everything that receives the TRUE mark is a product born from selfish innovation, a product that makes our world a better place.

  • Conscious

    We believe in making products ethically, sustainably and with purpose - if it doesn’t need to exist, we don’t make it.

Walking Golf Into the Future

Founded by brothers who grew up hacking it around the local muni only to eventually find themselves walking the hallowed grounds of Augusta - TRUE set out to change the industry norms and hasn't looked back.

“We created TRUE because the golf world needed something new.“

Jason Moore

“We created TRUE because the golf world needed something new.“

Jason Moore